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I made this video because I believed. And now so does the rest of the world, apparently. Feels good, man.


Knock on your iPhone to unlock your Mac. Even from your pocket. It is not more complicated than that. To experience it feels nothing short of magic. You’re like what? No. What?

I love this app and I made this video.

There’s only one movie poster at the Sandwich office and it hangs behind my desk (seen here)—a gorgeous Argentinean edition of my favorite ninja movie, 1983’s “Revenge of the Ninja”. Keep that in the back of your mind.

Today, NBC News is launching a brand new version of their Breaking News app, and they brought me in to make a video for it. Their whole thing is quality news you can trust, not a bunch of garbage. It’s based in a time-honored respect for journalism that reminded me of the old titans of news: Edward R. Murrow, David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite. So I pitched the client on the idea of having one of those salty old news guys present their app as the savior of news. And bless their hearts, they let me do it. So I enlisted my talented writing friend Joshua Allen to give the character a voice, and the next step was casting our news man.

Here’s the fun part.

Casting is never easy in these videos we make. Never. But every once in a while, a brilliant actor, a master of the craft who you recognize as having played the villain in your favorite ninja movie walks through the door to the audition and you try not to lose your shit, you try to pretend you don’t know who he is, but you know that voice, you know those wise, charmingly menacing eyes. This man is Arthur Roberts and he’s played a major part in your subconscious since the 3rd grade. He’s informed some important archetypes for you, as a storyteller. He’s Arthur Roberts.

So you cast him, of course. And he is simply a joy to work with. A gentleman and an artist and a pro in every sense of the word.

Breaking News. What a world.

Q: Can you imagine yourself going down with just a cameraman and sound man and half a dozen people and shooting a film?

Kubrick: Sure I can. In fact, any contemporary story is best done just that way. The only time you need vast amounts of money and a huge crew is when you require complex special effects, as in 2001, or big battle or crowd scenes, as in the Napoleon film. But if you’re just dealing with a story set in modern times, then you could do it very easily with both limited funds and a limited crew.

Stanley Kubrick

See that? Stanley says go make a movie. Just you and your friends.


We made this television commercial for very little money, because I really like the product. You upload a photo you want printed, they print it directly on glass and mount it to a backing so you can hang it directly on your wall with no frame. No lie—I have a few of these hanging in my home. Mostly self-nudes.

My friend Nic Harvard directed this one, and my other friend Ryan Glenn stars as the lovable Fracture collector with a very dark past.

I’m not saying you should order one or ten, but if you do, save 10% on your order with the discount code FRACTVIDEO. Go here to order:

This has been a slightly paid advertisement.

This is the facemath I’d been waiting for. I knew Todd was one part Damon, but the Hoffman and Travis addends eluded me. Eureka.


This is the facemath I’d been waiting for. I knew Todd was one part Damon, but the Hoffman and Travis addends eluded me. Eureka.


"Combining 3D scans of real life models in ultra high detail with the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra."

The world is going to get super weird in the next few years.

(Also see this rendering of the above on Vimeo.)

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Nosce te ipsum.

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