In celebration of nice people

The inaugural MaxFunCon happened this weekend. Ostensibly, it was to be a gathering of comedy nerds, supporters of Jesse Thorn’s Maximum Fun empire, an opportunity to commune at a woodsy resort and be treated to performances by some of the funniest people in the universe. And it was that.

But in retrospect, it was more. I won’t shy from calling it a lovefest, a Woodstock for the New Sincere. Sure, the performers were all on point, killing the audience set after set. But the people that joined in the fun were what made it really special. There were people of all forms and flavors who came to be a part of the weekend (admittedly, mostly nerd-flavor), but the consistent thread was that they were all nice people.

Somehow, Jesse has managed to attract an audience which consists only of those who appreciate the most positive potential in humanity. I guess I would expect nothing less of an organization so simply and descriptively named.

Anyhow, thanks, MaxFunCon. I look forward to next year.