Checkmark “F’ntastik!”


I’m not going to lie. This one makes me laugh. When the guys at Snowman, who make this brilliant new reminders app Checkmark came to me a couple months ago for a video, I liked their app so much and they were okay making a silly one, so I put my friend Tony on the case. Because Tony is silly.

It was a stroke of genius to cast Danny Cohen as the ambiguously European(?) narrator. Danny came on my radar and legit freaked me out two years ago when he claimed to be my little brother. I got over my fears a realized he’s legit funny. Now he’s helping me build out my company website because that’s his day job. Talented guy.

One more story: when the Checkmark guys showed me Checkmark, I said, “well, that’s great, but one problem I have with Reminders app is that its location based reminder tells me to do stuff the second I pull in my garage. By the time I’m in the house, I’ve already forgotten! What I really need is to set a reminder for X minutes after I’ve arrived somewhere.” And guess what they did. They built that feature and I love it. That’s service.