I was the only punk rocker at my high school. And there were at least a handful of black kids who liked hip-hop. Both were kind of the new music of the day, and it was lonely being the only punk. If times were different and we’d had the Internet, I would have had punk-rock friends all over the world. I probably never would have gotten into hip-hop. But because of where I lived and because there was no community to be a punk with, I started hanging out with the kids who liked hip-hop. And I learned about it through them. They had cassettes of Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack, which was the one place where hip-hop was on the radio.

Rick Rubin interviewed at The Daily Beast

If times were different and he’d had the Internet, he would never have discovered a different facet of culture because he’d have been too deep in the obvious ones.

I find this super fascinating in a Gladwellian counterintuitive everything-you-know-is-wrong kind of way. That said, God bless the Not Internet when Rick Rubin was in high school.