Adam Lisagor (me) on Creative Failure: An Interview by Jeremy Fuksa

At SXSW I met a real good guy named Jeremy Fuksa who asked if he could sit me down for an interview about creative failure. It was a topic that intrigued me, so we made it happen. And together, we went on a journey.

Here, Jeremy (a gifted, comfortable interviewer), has taken my half hour of rambling and packaged it in a tight, utterly watchable 8 minutes with clever interstitials, in which I sound not all that much like an idiot jerk. Although I can’t figure out what inspired me on that morning to have drunk a whole can of beet juice under the hot sun and then poured it all over my face and then gotten embarrassed about it.


My afternoon with lonelysandwich.

When I was at SXSW this year, I decided I’d take the time to work on a project about creative failures. I asked a number of prominent Internet names if they’d share a little bit about their creative failures on camera.

The original plan was to sit down and do 5 minutes on a creative failure that came to his mind. In the end we sat down for over 30 minutes and talked about a wide variety of issues revolving around being a creative person and what it means to temper impulse and energy to increase your chances of creative success.

All that is a bunch of fancy lad talk to say that Adam says he’s lazy and makes sure something he’ll make is good before he gets his ass off the couch.